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The Wedding Website You've Never Heard Of-- But Need.

You've seen the divide amongst couples when it comes to wedding websites; they either have a nearly identical site via The Knot or WeddingWire, or they've spent extra for a custom website. As an artist, I couldn't bear the Templates provided via the wedding planning sites, and opted to make my own on BlissandBone. It's beautiful with simply stunning design details, and I don't regret it (despite the $18 a month). Check it out at: At least I didn't until I found Blueprint Registry. Being your typical type A bride I research things to an absurd point (see my previous posts). When I found Blueprint, I found an all inclusive registry that allows me to import all of my registries into one space, and create unlimited free cash funds with only the standard 2.5% credit card processing fee! Initially I had only the free landing page and the registry page, but as they continue to expand they also now offer free online RSVP, FAQS page, Schedule page, Bridal Party Page, Photo Gallery, and beyond. I've found it to be easier to use, and more nicely designed than all other free options. And no one seems to know about it! I've spent so much time sharing them on Facebook Wedding Groups, I figured it was time to simply make a blog post! Feel free to explore my Blueprint Registry Website at: Needless to say, I basically have two wedding websites now. And although BlissandBone is more visually stunning, Blueprint is pretty enough that should Covid prevent our date from occurring, I may just cancel my $18/month site and completely swap over. Did you know about Blueprint Registry before this post? Think you'll make one? Comment and let me know.

**Although I clearly promote them, I am not paid to endorse Blueprint Registry. But I'm open to it if anyone from the company ever reads this 😉

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