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Making Your Wedding Uniquely You

As I browsed blog articles looking for inspiration for the never endingly important content, I stumbled upon an article that listed 19 themes you could utilize for your wedding. These ranged from Star Wars and Harry Potter to Twilight. But what I found interesting is their approach to weddings was to stick to your theme completely.

I disagree. A wedding is a place for two individuals, with individual likes and dislikes, to come together and create a day that's perfect for them. In my opinion that mean's creating a cohesive theme whilst also bringing in elements of each of your passions. Don't know how that's even possible? Well that's where I come in. As a designer it's my job to take all the elements you want to have included in your wedding and combine them in such a way that nothing looks out of place.

So if you want to have a medieval themed wedding with all your guests in costume in a forest, hello woodland fairytale. Harry Potter Yule Ball inspired Winter Wonderland theme? Bring on the snow.

I work with you to collaborate all of your idea's into a cohesive theme that will perfectly bring your vision to life. People have constantly been concerned their Pinterest page doesn't create one vision. to that I say hosh-posh. I can read a Pinterest board like a book and come away knowing not only your design concept, but the vibe your striving for, and some other personality traits I'll keep as a secret for now.

Want to test my Pinterest ability? Feel free to reach out to me via a personal inquiry so we can start planning your big day.

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