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Things To Ask Potential Venues

Updated: Oct 2, 2022


1. What's the availability of the venue?

2. Will you be the only ones to have a wedding/reception at the venue on the wedding day?

3. Is there a bridal dressing room(s) included in the costs?

4. When do you have to finish the party by?

5. Do they provide insurance? What insurances do they require you to get?

6. Does the venue have sufficient car parking?

7. Where would you have the photos taken in good and bad weather?

8. What is the cost breakdown? Do they have one all inclusive rate or do they charge for ceremony, reception, catering etc separately?

9. Are the venues state taxes, service taxes, gratuities already included in price. If not what are the percentages and how will it affect the final cost?

10. Are any of the rooms being used beforehand for something else?

11. Do they include a wedding coordinator to work with your vendors beforehand and/or day of?

12. What times are available for the ceremony?

13. Does the venue have a preferred order of service (when and where do we cut the cake)?

14. How long will you have the venue space for your rception?

15. What is included in the venue pricing? Are Chairs, tables, etc included or would they need to be rented?


1. How would you go about decorating the room?

2. What are Decoration restrictions and when are you provided time to do this?

3. Do they have a cleaning policy?

4. Do they have a specific florist or are you free to chose your own?


1. Does the venue insist on doing all the catering/bar services?

If they allow outside food..

2. Can you organise your own food for evening buffet e.g. hog roast? Or Potluck?

3. If they require a liscensed caterer can you do food trucks?

4. What liscensure would your caterer need to provide?

5. Do they have a minimum amount of required hired staff?

If through the venue...

1. Are tablecloths, glassware, and tableware included in the price?

2. Are servers included in the cost? Does cost cover gratuities?

3. Can you have a buffet for the main meal? 4. Can we order a reception meal which is not on your set menu?

5. Do you offer private or group tastings? What is the cost per person?

6. Does the venue have a food and drink minimum? Is tax included in these minimums?


1. Is the bar in the same room as the reception? (If the bar and reception are in the same room this may avoid guests being split between two rooms)

2. Are Bartending services included with their catering? Can you hire an outside bartending service?

3. Is providing your own alcohol allowed and is there a corking fee?

4. What time do they offer an alcohol license until?

5. What is the price difference for Open Bar during Cocktail Hour vs. Full Open Bar?

6. Do they price per person or per drink?

Event Needs:

1. Can you use any DJ or band? Does the venue have any restrictions in this area?

2. Does the venue have a speaker system to plug an ipod into?

3. Do the venue have projector facilities to plug a laptop into? (This may be useful for speeches, to show a picture slideshow or even a quiz)

Onsite Accommodations

1. Are there onsite overnight accommodations available?

2. If rooms on site are available, whats the cost of the rooms for the other guests? What's the tax rate?

3. Will cost change depending on room type?

4. How many rooms are available for overnight accommodation?

5. Is there a bridal suite included in the costs?

6. If you used the bridal suite, what is the check-out time the day after?

7. What amenities do they offer?

8. Do they offer a Day After Departing Brunch? Included or additional? If so, how much?

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