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Handmade Crystal Crown. Gemstone Bridal Tiara.

Handmade Crystal Crown. Gemstone Bridal Tiara.

Each genuine enhanced polished crystal pendant is hand selected and strung onto clear string as a double security measure to ensure the finished product can stand up to any challenge the wearer may throw at it. 

   Then, every crystal is individually wirewrapped at their base to one another before being braided into the tiara wire itself. This process of creation provides a headpiece that is both beautiful and  durable.  

  Because the tiara is completely made by hand, it truly is one size fits all ad the wire headwrap is easily shaped to the wearers head. 

   Based on head circumference, the end loops on the tiara can be let out, or rolled in to fit the head prior to being pinned securely on. 
  The wirewrapped headpiece is thick enough to provide a secure fit, while also disappearing seamlessly into all hairstyles.

  In addition to looking beautiful in daylight, as seen in the last 3 photos the tiara reflects light gotgeously for night-time photos.


      Crystals have long held various properties in many cultures and religions around the world. The crystals within this piece include:

Clear Quartz-

       A highly energetic stone it is said to open the Third eye through aid in meditation.

        This green and purple stone is said to balance your mental state.
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