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Custom Bridesmaids Proposal Box

Custom Bridesmaids Proposal Box

These custom bridesmaids proposal boxes are hand painted and decorated for each bridesmaid according to your vision for them. While my design leans towards antique and nature inspired style on popular items that will genuinely be cherished and utilized, I always listen to my clients needs. Some ideas I've included inside their own custom box is:
• botanical preserved flowers in personalized scented essential oil perfume, • lash serum, 
• a custom jewelry piece of your choice,
 • a bridesmaids leather luggage tag, 
• a gemstone keychain
• an 'emergency' kit, inside of a personalized canvas medicine case bag includes a packet of advil, a packet of sunscreen, a packet of insect repellent, nail clippers, a sewing kit, breath spray, deodorant and more! 

For even more in depth customization message me for a completely unique vision!
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