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Modern Art Means Blogging: One Artist's Journey 

The thought of me blogging is doubtful to suprise many who know me in life. Critical, opinionated, outspoken, sarcastic, and witty are a few adjectives that have been used to describe me. And those are the kind ones. Many an English teacher told me they expected a novel out of me. But I could never hold my attention long enough to the page to successfully write a full memoir. In passing friends would tell me how hilarious I was, and that I should have my own blog. Blogging? Me? While the thought bore some merit it seemed so… millenial. I tucked the suggestion away as I dealt with personal issues. However, it became apparent that I needed a writing outlet when my fiance's passing comment on 'trash animals' spurred something inside of me to write a 13 page paper on classism and racism at 3am. So when I again stumbled upon the idea as I desperately researched how I could increase my art sales, well, I took it as fate. Let it be known to all that I am not a credited psychiatrist or health professional, and my advice should only be taken as a last resort by the desperate or insane. So without further ado I give you uncensored "Advice from An Artist". Unrated, uncut, and unwarranted.

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