Our Story

Transforming Your Visions Into An Artistic Reality


 Creating beauty has always been my passion.

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art I began doing craft shows to keep myself useful. I found, to my surprise, that my jewelry pieces sold substantially more than my fine art. In a world of $15 prints, people seemed less apt to want to buy a multi hundred dollar painting. And so Shannon Elizabeth began to transform from freelance artist to a custom product artisan.

Shortly thereafter, when I became engaged to my long-term boyfriend, my friends and neighbors saw the things I was making for my bridesmaids proposals and I began to receive inquiries about buying from my wedding product line. 

As I reorganized, I decided to offer beautiful custom bridesmaids proposal gifts based off of my witchy nature. I began to work primarily with gemstones, dried flowers, and vintage pieces I had collected over the decades from flea markets to create one of a kind memory keepsakes. By utilizing such uniquely beautiful materials, it's my hope to make something that the recipient of these specialty gifts will genuinely cherish.

During this time I worked as an event planner and discovered my passion for creation extended to all avenues. I've since decided to combine my planning skills and my creation entrepreneurship into a single business.  

I am consistently striving to share my love of creation through collaborative interaction. If you have any creative concepts you want transformed into a tangible item or cohesive event, message me. Consultations are free and there's never any pressure to buy as you contemplate your ideas unique rebirth.